A brief understanding about Freshwater seed pearls

Freshwater Seed PearlsPearls are usually considered to be the best friend of women that are found in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Real pearls that are available at some of the jewelry stores are either formed by natural or cultured means through mollusks that are found in salt and freshwater. Natural pearls are usually expensive than cultured, but the ‘hard to find’ factor is not alone responsible for their cost. There are various other reasons that make them expensive and highly popular among people. Natural pearls are usually those that are formed inside the mollusk without intervention of people. The chances of finding such gems in freshwater is extremely low and hence for the same reason the jewelry stores are flooded with cultured pearls. These pearls are also formed naturally, with the only difference that the pearl farmer coaxes the process along by placing the proper ingredients into the mollusk to naturally form a perfectly shaped gem. Continue reading