Pearl Oysters Produces the Shining Pearls over the Years

Best Pearls in OystersIt is a natural belief that Pearls in Oysters are created within the shell coverings. In many cases, clams and mussels are the one that produces the pearls. Clams are bivalve molluscs that are found mainly in a marine environment with equal size of shells. Mussels on the other hand are found along the shorelines of an ocean and can be grown in fresh waters also. Today due to the increasing trend among people of wearing beautiful pearl jeweleries, more cultivators are now arriving into the field of cultivating fresh water pearls. In this process, the mantle is cut a little bit to intrude an irritant so that the Pearl Oysters cover it up with their secreted nacre.

A gradual process

A pearl is not formed overnight.  Many people who used to wear pearls as jewellery items may find it hard to digest that pearls are formed actually through a biological process. This is a very gradual process and may take one to two years to form a perfect round shaped lustrous pearl. Earlier only salt water pearls were in prevalence, but due to its popularity, it is now grown in fresh water too. It is a myth that all oysters create round shape pearls. Many also create oblong shape and petal shaped pearls.

Like the round ones that found prominently in neck wear, the petal shaped “Keshi” pearls are quite common in crafting superb earrings.  Pearl Oysters produce pearls in a range of colours like pink, yellow, black and off white. It all depends on the variety of the creature and the environment in which he is cultivated. In China, the pearls are cultivated within a span of 12 months. Experts are there who keep an eye on the oysters on a regular basis so that the quality of the pearls produced by them is of supreme quality.

An excellent gift

Best Pearls in Oysters are now also used as gift items and are very popular among men and women alike. They are considered as token of friendships and can be found at leading gift stores. This is more commonly known as a Wish Pearl.  As the pearl grow inside the shell of an oyster, the relationship between the giver and the recipient is also believed to be become stronger. For small kids, getting a Wish Pearl is more like a treasure hunt, and for girls, it is very fascinating to unfold the pearl growth all with the countless colour possibilities. More information at

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